REI Founding member companies

Benefits & Education

Health, equitable treatment and education sponsorship programs

Recruiting and Representation

Recruiting & hiring practices, internship & college recruitment and compensation audits

Talent & Organizational Developement

Onboarding, D&I training, succession planning, talent reviews, and accountability structures

ERG/Affinity Groups

Design, distribution, and capabilities of Employee Resource Groups, elevation of BIPOC visibility

Center of Equity

Reporting process, budget distribution for dedicated team and programs, pay equity and pay gap

Inclusive Design

Existing process for ensuring inclusivity in marketing, branding, and product development

Score Card

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Benefits & Education
Talent & Organizational Development
Center of Equity
Recruiting and Representation
Affinity and Employee Resource Groups

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I take the Race Equ(al)ity Index?
You're ready to benchmark your company's policies and practices. Reach out to our team to receive instructions on what you'll need to get started.
How are the REI scores calculated?
The REI ranked questions are assigned scores, and are distributed on a weighting scale by category. After taking the index, we will provide you with aggregate and category specific scores, and will talk your team through the results.
What does a high REI score mean?
Your organization may index low on benefits and healthcare, but your development programs are top notch. Each high (and low) score will point directly to a particular program or practice that your company engages in that directly impacts equity and inclusion; specifically for BIPOC employees.
Is it open to international companies?
At the moment, the REI is only available to companies with 100 or more employees in the US.

Advisory Committee

We are guided by our committee, made up of senior DEI executives from our participating companies and advisory group.

Bo Young Lee

Chief Diversity Officer, Uber

Ashleigh Ainsley

Co-founder, Colorintech

Tracy Williams

VP & CDO, New Relic

Quotes from our members

This process allowed our teams to see where we are making progress, where we could be doing better, and how critical it is to engage in benchmarking exercises to bring everyone along for the journey of continued growth and evolution."

Lara Avisov
Diversity and Inclusion Business Partner, Uber

The Race Equ(al)ity Index was something that challenged us to be honest about the current state of the company, and not just focus on our plans for the future.

Tracy Williams
SVP of HR and Chief Diversity Officer